LORE Test Plan

LORE is known to render differently in Firefox and Chrome, with Chrome producing less satisfactory results. So testing on Chrome is recommended.


Create a repository


You may only create a repository if you have the staff role in Django.

Action Result Notes
On home page, click Create Repository link. The repository listing page appears.  
On Create Repository page, enter repository title and description. Both are required. Click Add Repo. The repository listing  


Import a course


Since many LORE issues are related to large size and “creative” content, import large and potentially problematic courses such as 8.01x ().

A large course import can be slow, anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Action Result Notes
From the listing page, click Import Course.    
Click Browse to select a course bundled in tar.gz format. Once selected, click Upload Course. Course title appears in ‘Course’ facet list with the total number of LRs following the title.  


Include occasional non-alphanumeric characters in vocabulary and term names.

Create vocabulary for a range of term types

Action Result Notes
Open Manage Taxonomy pane and click the Add Vocabulary tab. Enter Name and Description fields, both are required. Consider using unicode and punctuation in the names.
Select item types and click Managed and leave other choices unchecked. Click Save. The Vocabularies tab appears with the created vocabulary at the bottom of the list. In addition, the vocabulary will appear in the facet panel with the psuedo term not tagged.  
Repeat the initial step, this time select item types and click Tag Style (on the fly). Click Save.    
Repeat the steps to create Managed and Tag Style vocabularies, but this time click Allow multiple terms... and save as before.    

Add terms

Action Result Notes

Assign terms to LRs

Action Result Notes
Click a LR to open it’s detail pane and navigate to the Metadata tab. You will see Vocabularies and Terms dropdown controls. You must have created a vocabulary containing at least one term to assign terms to LRs.

Edit unassigned terms

Action Result Notes

Edit assigned terms

Action Result Notes

Delete unassigned terms

Action Result Notes

Delete assigned terms

Action Result Notes


Action Result Notes


Action Result Notes
Click on twisty to collapse Course facet Twisty changes direction and course facets are hidden.  

Learning Resources (LR)

Action Result Notes
Open the LR pane. A three-tabbed pane will slide out from the right side of the page.  


Action Result Notes
Click multiple LR ‘export’ links The arrow on the link becomes a check and a blue button labeled “Export” appears in the upper right corner of the page. Include one or more of each LR type and include some that have static assets.
Click the big blue ‘Export’ button A dialog will appear to download the export file.  
Click “OK” to download the CSV file What happens when the file is downloaded depends on how your computer configuration. You may see a CSV file, a directory of the file’s contents, or the file opened by a spreadsheet app  
Verify that the contents of the file match the LRs and static assets selected for download. The directory structure of the file contents should have directories for each LR type containing static assets in a subdirectory.  


To fully test the sort feature, the repository must contain analytics data. A script can be run to load fake analytics data if the analytics service is still unavailable.

Action Result Notes
Sort by ‘Number of Views (desc)’    
Sort by ‘Number of Attempts (desc)’    
Sort by ‘Average Grade (desc)’    
Sort by ‘Title (asc)’    


Action Result Notes


Add member


  • Members must be known to the site before you can add them. They become known to the site by navigating to the site and authenticating.
  • While it appears that LORE validates the email, it does not. Validation is an artifact of the authentication process.
Action Result Notes
Add a member as Administrator    
Add a member as Curator    
Add a member as Author    
Delete an Administrator    
Delete the last Administrator for the repository    
Delete a Curator    
Delete an Author